About Us

Interested in IT and video making? Want to learn more and build a career or just be an expert in the field? Then you have found what you were searching for! Our community is one of the most informational sources for people of the same interests.

Technologies are developing more rapidly than we may even realize. It’s difficult to follow all the news and detect new breakthroughs in an ocean of theories and experiments. That being said, if a hundred people do a bit of research each, the news become less confusing and easier to follow. And this is what we do in our community: research, discuss every piece of news, divide them in theories and results, etc. Eventually, we get dozens of new pieces of information about the industries every day.

Such an approach is hugely beneficial, as we have different people in the community who search for different types of information. We have students who major in IT and video, they search for more technical and industry-specific information to help them in writing academic papers. All the researches are read and analyzed, and some of the most interesting news are posted to the source. We also have professionals in the field who are more interested in practical information, again updating our visitors with the most relevant data.

If you are interested in becoming our member and learning more about the industries of IT and video, you are always welcome here. Make sure to introduce yourself and contribute your knowledge and experience to the community. We are in the process of creating a source with the most information that we get by cooperating and sharing, which is quite a great purpose.

To know more about the community and how you can join, write us a letter. We will be happy to introduce the source to you and explain all the steps you will have to take.