What We Cover

The main purpose of our community is to share information and discuss it. We are all passionate about IT and video, so the talks are never silenced. The source has at least a hundred members, and all of them are wannabe specialists, true professionals, or just people with a hobby. This helps keep the balance in the community, as the students and other interested supply questions that are later answered by more qualified specialists. On the other hand, the youth updates others with some new tendencies they study at the respective educational establishments.

All in all, on our site we cover the following activities:

  • Gathering the latest news about the industries.
    This part is divided into commercial and scientific news, as new releases of hardware and software are as interesting as the new technologies developed. All the news is 100% truthful, as our members gather bits from all over the Internet. They provide information on the matters in different languages and from different angles.
  • Discussion of researches, releases, and other news.
    Discussions are open under every main post, where you can ask or answer questions, add some information you have on the topic, etc. Such an approach helps understand a piece of news better and remember it if necessary. This may be quite useful for those who study or have a field-specific conference soon.
  • Experience sharing.
    Vast space is given to our members so they can share their experience. There you will find funny stories about working with IT or video, TOP mistakes that newbies make, ways to avoid them, etc. If you’re about to start your practice, this is a must-read to make sure you avoid major mistakes.
  • Off-topic talks.
    Of course, anyone can get tired from just researching and discussing complicated material. That’s why we have a lot of space to talk about life overall, about friendship, families, music, movies – whatever you like. You can introduce your hobby and find friends with the same interests, or learn something about things other people like.

Many members of our community become friends in real life, which helps them in their careers and studies. Besides, even if IT and video are your hobbies and you don’t plan to build a career on them, you can still find lots of interesting information to feed your curiosity. Don’t hesitate to write us and ask questions about what else we do, what special features we plan, and how to get the most of fun from being a member of our community.